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Broadcast TV Surcharge

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Broadcast TV Surcharge

Broadcast TV Surcharge
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Broadcast TV surcharge is one of the most debatable topics in terms of ethical billing mechanisms. It seems controversial and it actually is. If you are wondering what is this new surcharge added to your bill, you have come to the right place. It is correct that people find it very wrong that customers have to pay for it. And here are the reasons in detail why as well a short introduction of this scenario.

What is Broadcast TV Surcharge

It is basically a fee that cable providers charge to their customers justifying the charges that local areas channels take from them in order to allow them to share the content to their subscribers. The entertainment and news channels although provide the same content on air free of cost. But when corporate cable providers are sharing that content with their customers, they charge them a lot of fee. In order to compensate those charges, the cable providing companies take a fee from their customers, called Broadcast TV Surcharge. In Short, Broadcast TV Surcharge is the fee which cable providers take from customers to show them content which is otherwise available free on air.

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Why is it Wrong?

It is wrong because of the fact that these charges are not mentioned on the sticker prices of the products or bundles purchased by the customers. These prices are rather sneaked in after the bill is issued as some shady hidden charges which damages the image of corporate sector organizations. Also, the public could not see why they are charging for the content which is accessible free on air and the organizations are getting paid for providing free access content.

Are these official charges?

No, broadcast TV surcharge is not a government levied tax imposed on the corporations to take forcibly from their customers. However when the customers ask he helplines, he cable service providers make sure the customers believe government is worth their anger and frustration. But in actuality, This broadcast TV surcharge has nothing to do with the government and the companies choose themselves to put these on customers.

Theories Behind Broadcast TV Surcharge

It is believed that the corporate sector organizations dealing with cable system provision faced a huge financial set back when they transferred the system from the traditional analog to contemporary digital. So the government allowed them to compensate for their expenses by charging some fee from the final customers. However, those orders from the government did not mention when to end taking in those charges, so the organizations are taking advantages from those bills ever since.

Another situation was seen where the blame was thrown off to the local content providers where the channels were actually charging these intense fees from their corporate clients who were publishing or rebroadcasting their content in their platform. The government allowed the local broadcast channels to charge the cable service providers and they attempt to increase these amounts substantially over the period of time. because of the fact that people would not value their cable services if they would not show the popular local networks, the cable providers agreed to pay those fees. They also forwarded some of the expenses to their final customers so they would also share the burden of the organization which the channels have put on them. So it basically could be the fault of your favorite local networks.


There is no escape from broadcast TV surcharge, nor you could get compensation or discount. This fee must be paid to get the benefits from corporate cable providers.


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