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DirecTV Now Buffering

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DirecTV Now Buffering

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What a moment of extreme frustration when you have to watch your important show and the system keeps buffering and gets stuck. Obviously this is not what you paid for and every customer needs a satisfactory explanation of what is happening. DirecTV Now Buffering is a recent issue everyone is concerned for because multiple complaints are being registered continuously and the customers are not getting the expected quality of streaming on their registered devices with DirecTV Now. For a deeper look at the picture, read the article to know what exactly the situation is.

What is DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now is a platform which offers online streaming of channels by providing affordable and flexible packages for the customers. The company is owned by AT&T and started in 2016. It is very popular in United States of America with a sum total of 1.8 Million subscribers of the service. they have monthly packages for the customers so everyone could avail them without committing for too long. The packages start from $35 only! For the trial version you have access to 100 channels for $35 only for one month to make sure you are fully acquainted with the services and support.

DirecTV Now Buffering, When did it started

According to the reports, the DirecTV Now Buffering problems started a few weeks back when the customers shared their experiences how the platform started buffering during the prime time events or shows. People were furious because the shows they wanted to see were getting missed. The major cause was observed that the servers were not able to process the number of customers who came during the prime time. Some people started facing the problems from the end of december so starting from that point, two weeks straight the complaints started piling up.

Customer Complaints

The customer approached the company’s Twitter support page as well as Reddit to share their complaints and frustrations about the DirecTV Now Buffering scenario. Many of them said they were unable to log in to their accounts during the prime time hours. If any of them were able to successfully log in to their accounts, then the system kept freezing the video streaming and they were not able to view the program or event properly because of the continuous buffering. Customers were considering the options of other multimedia content providers like Vudu, V-Sat IPTV etc. because of the DirecTV Now Buffering problems.

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DirecTV Now Buffering, Corporate Response

The company responded to the customers on Twitter and Reddit professionally and understood how severe of a problem it was for their customers o discontinue their shows of the prime time. They acknowledged the problems of DirecTV Now Buffering but they did not offer insight about what were the technical issues they were facing which were causing the interruption in live streaming of events. When the parent organization was approached to answer the queries about DirecTV Now, their spokesperson chose not to comment in front of media at once.

Although it is hard to maintain such a enormous crowd on the platform at the peak hours of traffic, the huge corporations like At&T must make sure they are spending enough on the facilities they are required to build in order to provide their customers with services they promised at the time of subscription. Otherwise it is possible that customers would switch to other platforms which are providing better quality streaming facilities to their customers with slightly overpriced compensation.


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